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En læser og hans ur – Rolex Oysterquartz

by Nicolai Klingenberg
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Har du lyst til at blive lidt klogere på Rolex Oysterquartz? Godt. Det er nemlig et sådant ur dagens læser ejer, og han er svært tilfreds med uret. Det handler dog også om – nogle ganske markante – holdninger til urmarkedet. Jeg har sprugt ind – og læseren har svaret.

Velkommen indenfor. Du får også uret at se - og et par tanker fra ejermanden...

Velkommen indenfor. Du får også uret at se – og et par tanker fra ejermanden…

Først og fremmest – hvor stammer din interesse for ure fra?
– My interest started in the English military with a Rolex Submariner . I  went into the Military with a 13 year contract when I was 14 years 9 months of age . Those were the days when it was allowed, ha ha! I thought Rolex was the best watch in the world, it was certainly the strongest . Then i started to read about watches, and opened a whole new world for myself . I was fascinated by the handwork and skill involved in making watches . I am now 64 years of age and have read about watches and talked to watch people for the most of my life .

Indrømmet: Jeg har haft det lidt ambivalent med quartzure, men der er noget over Oysterquartz'ens design, jeg godt kan lide...

Indrømmet: Jeg har haft det lidt ambivalent med quartzure, men der er noget over Oysterquartz’ens design, jeg godt kan lide…

Du har et helt særligt Rolex Oysterquartz – hvor og hvornår faldt du over det?
– It was a coincidence , normally I prefere mechanical watches. I was visiting a good friend who is a watch dealer, and he showed me the Oysterquartz. I had seen many pictures of it, but never seen it in real life . I was shocked because the design and simplicity of the watch was better in my opinion than anything i had ever seen in any watch before. It was just so beautiful I had to buy it, and every time I look at it even today it gives me pleasure. Of all the hundreds of watches I have owned this one is also the watch that nearly all other people like the most when they see it on my wrist. It is really quite funny that a mechanical watch nut like me has a quartz watch he will never sell. The Oyster Quartz is a very limited watch for Rolex, only 25.000 have ever been made. The Rolex Quartz watches cost up to five times more to make than mechanical Rolex at the time. They never became popular at the time, but are becoming collectable today. Many experts consider the Oysterquartz to be the most expensive and best made quartz watch ever made.



Normalt er du ikke til Rolex, hvorfor?
– Rolex are today one of the most common luxury watches in the world. They produce over 1 million watches a year , and they are mass produced like many other popular brands on assembly lines just like a car factory. There is virtually no watchmaking skill involved with making them, and they are very simple watches. Having said that, I have to say that the quality of every Rolex is fantastic. And you cannot buy a stronger or more reliable mechanical watch anywhere. But there are many brands that make watches that are far far superior to Rolex, in terms of watch making skill and the finish of their watches. I have owned many Rolex watches in the past, but today I find them a little to ordinary. I prefere watches that have some watchmaking skill in them and what I call soul. Rolex have been manipulating the used watch market for many years. They can sell everywatch they make, and have the most famous brand name in the world. And by increasing the price of their watches nearly every year they insure that the used prices are kept very high. But believe me you can buy other brand watches that are far superior to Rolex for the same price. I think today they are grossly overpriced, but they will still sell everything they make, ha ha.

Finmekanik med strømkilde...

Finmekanik med strømkilde…

Hvilke reaktioner har du fået på uret?
– Everyone seems to like it. I think it is because of the clean lines and simple design. And it catches the light like no other watch except the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. Both watches have cases and bracelets with very sharp edges that reflect light. I have so many people waiting to buy this watch if I ever sell it. I think the black dial version like mine is the most striking to look at . I get more comments wearing this watch than any other watch I have owned.

Skarpe linjer...

Skarpe linjer…

Hvilke ure rummer din samling ellers?
– I do not collect watches –  I use them. I buy and sell watches all the time. I like to get first hand experience from them. I have no emotional attachments to watches at all. I would rather own one great watch than have 50 ordinary watches collecting dust in a box. At this moment in time I have in my possesion a Girard Perregaux Sea Hawk, a Rolex mechanical Oyster and a Gerald Genta plus about five other watches I will most probably sell or exchange. And of course the Rolex Quartz black dial .

Har du solgt et ur, som du efterfølgende har fortrudt salget af?
– Never because everything I sell has given me an experience. And I never buy the same type of watch twice. Because all I would buy back again would be the experience I have already had.

Har du et drømmeur? 
– No not really, I see hundreds of watches I would like to own. I have owned many great watches like Lange & Söhne, Patek Phillipe etc etc . I do not dream about watches I would rather dream about women even at my age, ha ha!



Hvad mener du, at enhver mand bør vide om ure?
– Before you buy a watch do some research. Take your time do not just buy because you like the look of the watch. This is a very common mistake, remember there is an awfull lot of rubbish that looks good in the shop window. Do not believe anything that watch brands tell you 90% of it is lies.

Go onto a watch site like Urforum.dk or Uredebatten.dk and ask about the watch you are intrested in. These sites are very helpfull and have a lot of expertise, and remember no questions will seem stupid to them. But a warning do not believe everything they tell you. There are many people on these and other sites that are only intrested in selling you a watch. In the end you must make up your own mind and make your own mistakes. Many of the most popular luxury watches are just mass produced. But a awfull lot of people will not admit this, they prefere to believe the marketing hype from the brands. But again after saying that I have to say that even mass produced watches can be very good buys in some cases. And one last piece of advice do not be afraid of buying a used watch. Danish watch dealers are in my opinion amongst the best in the world. They do not sell bad watches on purpose because reputation is everything in the used watch market. And buying a used watch can save you a fortune and you get the same product often in new like condition.

Elegant lænke - uden tvivl...

Elegant lænke – uden tvivl…


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