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Patrick Quispel – en damefotograf taler ud

by Nicolai Klingenberg

Mød Patrick Quispel. Det gjorde jeg nemlig, og hans job er ganske interessant, skal jeg sige dig. I hvert fald hvis du holder af at se på kvinder. Han er fotograf, og han er dermed selvskrevet til “Depechen”. Hold på hat og briller. Og det der rimer på førstnævnte.

Manden bag dagens skud.

Manden bag dagens skud.

Patrick – your a photographer of several stuff, but women for sure. How did you get into this business?
– How did I get into the business? I have always been interested in the fast, the exclusive, the furious and the dropdead gorgeous. And that is where my personal fascination as a photographer for one of my personal favourite photo subjects came into life. Women. It al started with an item in the Dutch Penthouse which was once a goal having both my material and name in. Both of which goals I realised and as of my first shoot I got hooked…


Nuvel. Foto: Patrickquispel.com

Where can your photos be seen?
You can find my photo’s and articles in magazines such as Penthouse, Panorama, Tuning & Design, Dance.nl, GT Spirit.com, etc.

The best thing about shooting women?
– In general there is no big difference between ‘shooting’ men or women. When shooting a male model it remains a ‘guys’ kind of thing. When ‘working’ (because for me being a photographer I am living the dream and doing what I love) with female models each shoot is a small realisation of my basic wishes. Each shoot is different. As is every model. And I strive to provide each model with both epic photo material as a dope day and overal experience to remember. In general for me the best thing about ‘shooting’ women is that they invite me to get the best out of myself as a photographer and person. I am their host and in return they offer me their trust, smile and a glimps on how beautiful they all are.

And the worst?
– That I have to let them go afterwards..:)

Motorsporten fylder også lidt...

Motorsporten fylder også lidt…Foto: Patrickquispel.com

Do you ever get tired of looking at beautiful women?
– No not ever. As I said earlier each individual women is a gift to the eye…

Please tell us about a memorable shoot involving women?
There are several memorable shoots but there is one that remains special as we shot it with both a gorgeous and spontaneous model and a limited Corse Clienti Ferrari 458 Italia. Although everybody was very enthousiastic about my ambitions the whole Ferarri/nude model theme made it a bit (…) let we say ‘complicated’… Nevertheless we tracked down a owner and made magic happen. The endresult got published on a well known site which after publication got more than 4600 pageviews within one hour and one phonecall from a certain Italian brand stating that the site had to remove the whole item otherwise…

Bemærk tallet 21. Eller hvad du nu har lyst til...

Bemærk tallet 21. Eller hvad du nu har lyst til… Foto: Patrickquispel.com

How does one get started, if one would to photo one’s own woman?
– Make sure that she is fully compliant with the whole project and your personal ambitions. Keep it tasteful and a cool and fun experience for the two of you. Make sure that you – and this might sound a bit corny but I do mean it – put some love in it. A great vibe on the set is key for terrific pictures and a dope overal experience. And in a ‘worst case scenario…’ hire me to do it for or with you;)

What would the best background be in a “lady shot”?
– The best background for a lady shot? In my opinion and in my experience there is no such thing as a best or worst background. There is only: does she want to give herself or not in front of you and that terrible camera? And if she is okay with expressing with who and what she is a gorgeous and precious person the background whatever it is is no longer an issue. Have to admit that I love to shoot at deserted technical and worn out locations or with race bikes, cars, planes or whatever I and my dedicated team can get hold of. Each shoot is tailor made for each specific model.

Sus (i skørterne)

Sus (i skørterne) Foto: Patrickquispel.com

Who would love to shoot?
Who would I love to shoot? I’d love to shoot one (or even more if possible) of those truly amazing Danish women that we came across and got to meet during our first visit to both Denmark and Copenhagen. They truly are a work of art and female finesse and a pleasure to the eye… So ladies… (& Anne Hathaway) And Denmark thanks for having us and giving us such a great time!

Please show us one of your favorite shots?
My most favorite shot is a portrait I took from my daughter. My little angel.

Patrick's one and only

Patrick’s one and only

What should every man know about women in your opinion?
– That she is special as are you. Treat her with respect. Be gentle. love her for what and who she is and at the end of the day if you are the lucky b*stard that is holding both her soft hand and taking her to your bed (…) cherish both her and every moment and I guess the rest will work out fine…



Three quickies:

Where do you summer this year?
– I leave that up to chance and where I and my camera are wanted so readers out there do surprise me with your inspirational offers and projects.

What are you dreaming about right now?
– Coming back to Denmark and learning more of both the culture as those fantastic people.

Where was your last memorable meal and who was with you?
– My last memorable meal was in Tokyo, Japan and was so memorable because of the charming table guest;)

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