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A message to Heidi Klum

written by Nicolai Klingenberg 17. juni 2012
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This post is short – and in English. I was driving the new Volkswagen Tiguan and I got an idea -why not offer a special someone a lift? When the Tiguan model first came to the market around five years ago, Heidi Klum and her husband Seal was promoting it in a commercial. Today? Heidi Klum is divorced so why not offer her a lift in the new Tiguan. Things can be difficult without a husband, so Heidi -feel free to contact me if you should come to Denmark….

Shades are not to be worn during recording of a video. You'll see.

Why not start with a trip – and drive – down memory lane and back to 2007…

That was enough German for today. I hereby bring you the message to Heidi Klum in English. A bit rusty English if I may say so.

A seperate post on the new Tiguan will come – with or without you (Heidi).
In need of the e-mail? Here you go: nk@my-pleasure.dk

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