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Riedel vinglas – 250 års glaspusteri

by Nicolai Klingenberg

I dag handler det om stolte traditioner udi vinglas. For spørger man Georg Riedel fra glasfirmaet Riedel, så kan det korrekte glas højne vinoplevelsen. Gevaldigt endda. I omtrent et kvart årtusinde har man bikset med glas i Riedel dynastiet, og i 1973 introducerede Claus. J. Riedel en række særlige glas under navnet Sommeliers. Vi fortsætter på engelsk, men det handler stadig om Riedel vinglas. Have a nice one!


Man kan også sin karaffel hos Riedel…

How would you briefly describe the Riedel story?
– Our story is the story of a family dynasty and 250 years of making superior stemware. And above all the story of inventing and perfecting grape varietal specific glasses to make wine lovers enjoy their favorite wines and grapes even more.

Hr. Georg Riedel

Hr. Georg Riedel

How come glass isn’t just glass?
– The variety of the material is worth a story of it’s own, but what we focus on above all is the effect of the right shape for each specific grape variety. We aim to make glasses that presents the wine from it’s very best side. Even though the glasses are aesthetically pleasing their form is always a product of their function.

Pinot Noir egnet glas!

Pinot Noir egnet glas!

You’ve been going strong for 250 years. What about modern technology?
– What has the contribution from modern technology meant to Riedel? As our entire Sommeliers range of glasses as well as decanters are still mouth blown in our factory in Kufstein one could be tempted to say not much, but our machine blown collections that are a lot cheaper means that grape varietal specific glasses are now for everyone.

En mørk skål

En mørk skål

If you look back on the Riedel history what would you consider the most important milestones?
– When Claus J. Riedel developed Sommeliers in 1973, the first line of variety specific stemware. He was the first designer to recognize that the bouquet, taste, balance and finish of wines are affected by the shape of the glass from which they are consumed.


Glasfabrikken i Kufstein.

And what skills from the old days are still used?
– In Kufstein all of our Sommeliers glasses as well as decanters are still mouth blown. This technique is – with very few adjustments – identical with the one used hundreds of years ago. To buy and own a Sommeliers glass is a gesture to European craftsmanship.



How would you in general describe a good wine glass?
– The perfect glass for one grape can be a disaster for another. Therefore it’s not easy to generalize but a glass that gives the wine the right amount of space to breathe and allows us to enjoy the bouquet as well as makes the wine land on the right spot of your tongue. But all of these parameters vary from one grape to another, therefor we recommend that you own a few different glasses to suit your taste and needs.

Many top restaurants knows of this and serves each grape in a different glass to make sure the guest has the best possible experience of the wine in question.

Navnet er Cabernet Sauvignon

Navnet er Cabernet Sauvignon

And more specifically: A good champagne glass?
– We recommend serving dry champagne in rather large flutes, since these best bring out the fine aromas of the high-quality base wines from which it is made. Many wine-lovers unfortunately are quite unaware of this superb bouquet, since champagne is all too often served either in coupes or in glasses that are too small (and thus filled to the brim) – neither of which can convey any aromas at all. In the right flute – only half filled – the champagne will concentrate its unique, yeasty bouquet, while emphasising the creamy texture on the palate. The bubbles are not allowed to dominate, but are part of the overall pleasure.

What can we expect to see from Riedel in the future?
– Some very interesting and visionary products designed to make your beverages taste event better. And we’re not only talking wine anymore.

Herligt håndværk

Herligt håndværk

How would you describe the Riedel feeling or difference to a “normal” wine drinker?
– From the most experienced connaisseur to casual wine lover – everyone has a aha-moment when at a Riedel-tasting for the first time. The right glass makes your favorite grape taste even better and you might even like the grapes your not usually into when served in a glass that makes them taste as intended. We’ve made wine makers cry of joy when tasting their own wine in a proper Riedel glass.

But please try for yourself. Riedel tastings are everywhere and inexpensive to access.

Ældgamle - og lune - metoder tages i brug.

Lune – og ældgamle –  metoder tages i brug.


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